Philosophy – Dehesa de Los Llanos

To offer original products that convey the personality of the region that produces them and the affection of the hands that grow them.

Dehesa de Los Llanos strives to uphold the following values:
  • Quality: we will never compromise on product quality, taking excellent care of our primary ingredients from the very start. Everything we use comes from our own pasture.
  • Capacity: we will never undertake any commitments that we are unable to fulfil.
  • Traditional: we only ever use traditional production methods which add value to each and every one of our products.
  • Technology: we make use of the latest technological advances where we can, so long as they are compatible with our existing production processes.
  • Nature: we protect the surroundings and natural environment of our lands. All of the activities undertaken at Dehesa de Los Llanos (agriculture, livestock farming and hunting) are kept within the proper limits in order to benefit the other components and the estate as a whole, and to favour biodiversity and environmental conservation.
  • Commitment to local development: we favour the socioeconomic development of the local area. Dehesa de Los Llanos works together with various organisations to try and improve the living conditions of those who are most disadvantaged and at risk of social exclusion in the city of Albacete.
  • Commitment to research within the agro-food industry. Dehesa de Los Llanos actively works together with the University of Castilla-La Mancha on important research projects that have received international attention and renown.
Our maxim is to bring the best that our region has to offer directly to the table.