This is the basis of our production operations here at Dehesa de Los Llanos. It provides nutrients and sustenance for our sheep which produce the Best Cheese in the World and it is the source for other products that we sell based on our philosophy of bringing the best that our region has to offer directly to the table.

Our livestock population is comprised of 5,500 Manchega sheep which we use to produce our artisanal cheese here at Dehesa de Los Llanos.

Our livestock primarily feed on grass, crops and aromatic herbs which grow right here on the estate. We are very conscious that a good diet is absolutely essential in order for the sheep to produce high-quality milk.

We are also very proud of the unbeatable conditions that our animals are kept in. The various sheds that they occupy are all fitted with modern ventilation and sanitation systems. The combination of these conditions with rigorous sanitary controls results in milk of exceptional quality.

Our livestock have also been able to benefit from a number of important technological advances and innovations. Here at Dehesa de Los Llanos, we were the first sheep farmers in the world to introduce comprehensive electronic identification of our sheep, allowing us to obtain and check personalised records for all of the sheep in our herd, including data on diet, health and essential requirements to improve the population, and allowing us to ensure the level of traceability we need to guarantee continuous improvements.

The secret of a great cheese? Taking exceptional care of the primary ingredients.