The Cheese Dairy with the Best Cheese in the World

In order to produce truly great cheese, you need to begin with milk of an exceptional quality. All of the cheese made here at Dehesa de los Llanos is produced using raw milk that comes exclusively from the estate’s own herd, thereby conserving the natural fermenting agents which give our products their distinctive personality and roundness of flavour.

In order to ensure milk of such high quality, the sheep are kept in optimal conditions and fed top-quality fodder, grains and aromatic plants, which are also grown right here on the estate. This makes the cheese rather unique and special.

Every cheese passes through the hands of our artisan cheesemakers at least ten times and is given special treatment depending on its characteristics. The process has only been automated in parts where this improves the final product compared with the manual method. Rigorous controls of the entire process allow us to ensure that our high standards are being met at all times.

As well as the feed we give our livestock and the quality of milk we use, the secret that makes cheeses from Dehesa de Los Llanos so unique is our careful production method and an ageing process which unites technology with traditional procedures in order to create an artisanal cheese with a flavour, aroma, texture and nutritional content that guarantees quality.

Our cheese is suitable for coeliacs, people who are allergic to eggs and people who are lactose intolerant.

In November 2012, our Gran Reserva cured artisanal Manchego (Denominación de Origen) was named the Best Cheese in the World at the World Cheese Awards, which is the most important international competition in the sector. An exceptional accolade to add to the collection of other national and international awards that Dehesa de Los Llanos has won over the years.

In addition to the Gran Reserva, Dehesa de Los Llanos also produces two other types of cheese: Semi-cured (cured for at least three months) and Cured (cured for six months or more). Both with Artisan Manchego Cheese Denominación de Origen certification. Cheeses that have also won awards at the most prestigious international competitions.

Every cheese passes through the hands of our artisan cheesemakers at least ten times.