It is the basis of our production operations here at Dehesa de Los Llanos. It provides nutrients and sustenance for our sheep which produce the Best Cheese in the World and it is the source of the other products that we sell based on our philosophy of bringing the best our region has to offer directly to the table.

Of the 10,000 hectares that make up our estate, more than half are used for irrigated and dryland farming, due to the extreme continental climate of La Mancha and water shortages in the region.

Dehesa de Los Llanos has been at the forefront of using irrigation techniques since way back in the 19th century. Today, we use modern technologies such as drip and pivot irrigation, including one of the largest pivots in Europe, with a length of 725 metres.

We grow all sorts of crops, such as: potatoes, onions, poppies, alfalfa, wheat, corn, vines, walnuts, olives, cherries and aromatic plants, which are what add that special and personal touch to products from Dehesa de Los Llanos.

The secret of a great cheese? Taking exceptional care of the primary ingredients.